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Belly Demon’s Bursting Story

By biff97


B-girl met Ratboy some time back in a dimly lit Goth club.  Wiry and unkempt, he looked strung out even when there was little going on in his life.  She knew nothing of him otherwise; the shadowed nights amidst the pounding music and bleary drinks she found him curled up at a table in the corner, sullenly watching the pallid dancers mash and grind in sweaty unison.  This Friday night was no different.

"Hey, RB," B-girl purred as she slid into the seat across him, partially blocking his view.  He shifted uneasily, back pressed to the black-painted brick wall.  "Man, you look like shit..."

"Yeah, been feeling kinda rough lately," Ratboy replied, his voice edged gravelly, "I haven't been sleeping too great lately.  How's things with you?"

"S'Okay...just trying to keep up on things," B-girl said as she brushed her cropped onyx hair out of her face, "you know, you have to chill out up, let some of that out..."  Ratboy looked up over the drink he was nursing, his makeup-hollowed eyes a shade darker than usual.  He paused.

"Can't, Belly-Demon," he whispered after a short while, "my mind...has just gone away...for a while.  I just don't feel much like sharing lately."  Ratboy finalized this by taking a longer pull on his cloudy drink.

B-girl pressed him, "c'mon, what do you have pent up in there?  I know your kinks, how you like things a little...different.  Maybe a little fun will ease up that sullen mood."

Ratboy gazed at her through half closed eyes; he looked like an advertisement for exhaustion.  "I just haven't felt much like playing lately...nothing wrong, just not feeling very social."  She prodded him more, casually, watching his mood until she finally convinced him to relent.  

"Show me what you've got hidden in the back of your mind," she purred in challenge.  His eyes finally opened all the way, a brief moment of clarity.  She was always slightly shocked when she realized they were such a deep, pure blue.  

"Okay," he surrendered, "follow me.  But remember, you can call it quits at any time."  He took her hand as he stood, somewhat unsteadily, and guided her through the sultry crowd of vampiric Goths, a sea of skin and leather and metal.  He led her to a small side door that took them down a flight of stairs, to a series of storage rooms for the club.  The music abated as soon as the heavy metal door squealed shut, but the bass rhythm still throbbed through the cinderblock walls, a slow, subsonic heartbeat that reverberated through the soles of B-girl's shoes.  Ratboy dug around for a few moments while Belly-Demon sat placidly on the edge of a large box.  He came up with a length of rubber hose and a small device.  It looked like a hand pump from one of the kegs.

"Kinky," B-girl whispered with a smile on her face.  Already her mind was stirring.

"Are you sure you want to try this?" Ratboy gave her one last option before handing over the hose.  She grinned at the challenge, reveling in the outré sensation in the pit of her stomach.

"Yes!" she said vehemently, and reached out taking the length of rubber hose from his loose fingers.  He dutifully turned his back as she slid behind a stack of boxes.  The metal clinking of her belt buckle lasted only a brief moment.  Biting her lip, she grunted quietly only once, then punctuated the following silence with the rasp of a zipper.  She stepped back out from behind the impromptu cardboard partition, wiggling her hips and grinning.  "Let's see what you've got in mind."

B-girl's heart beat a little faster as she watched him hook up the pump to the exposed length of hose.  Her stomach was fluttering; she tried a lot of different things but this was definitely a first.  The corners of Ratboy's mouth turned downward in a pensive _expression as he slowly squeezed the pump.






Each press of the pump made Belly-Demon gasp; the sensation was bizarre...hardly what she had expected.  She heard a quiet gurgle in her lower belly.  She looked down as she pressed her fingers into her abdomen.

"Man, that was so weird," she exclaimed, grinning, "do it again!"  She continued to feel her belly as she heard the "t-ssssst!" in slow, steady intervals.  She heard her stomach gurgle quietly as she felt the bubbling deep within.  After about a minute, Ratboy paused, watching her expectantly.

"Ohhh, this is so strange," she cooed.  "I feel a little bloated," she laughed heartily.  Belly-Demon leaned back on the box, motioning for him to begin again.  The familiar hissing commenced, slower this time as she felt the air pumped into her in tiny increments.  Her belt grew snug, but she waved him on.  Grunting over the pressure, she pushed outward as each passing second she grew fuller and fuller.  The hard leather strap began digging into her sides as she focused all her attention to the experience.  She gasped loudly, about to relent when she heard a sharp "pop!"  Ratboy stopped pumping as Belly-Demon looked down wide-eyed at the busted buckle of her belt.

"Damn," she exclaimed, feeling a burning sensation where the belt cinched in on her hips, "that was cool."  She paused for a few moments, letting her stomach settle.  She was amazed at how full she felt as she rubbed her palms flatly over the fabric of her jeans.  She leaned back more, noticing for the first time the gentle curve of her tummy as she motioned for him to begin again.  The air filled her more readily now, making it increasingly difficult to move.  In less than a minute, B-girl's jeans stretched outward before finally surrendering, the top button popping followed by her zipper inexorably pushing open.  

Her pale pink stomach gradually crept out from under her t-shirt, sharp in contrast to the black fabric.  Slowly her own stomach pushed her backward as it swelled.  Transfixed, she watched herself growing, barely acknowledging the increasing pressure.  B-girl felt the air shift and move about as she let herself be inflated like a balloon; a slight grin painted her lips as she absently caressed the tightening flesh of her belly.




Belly-Demon let herself go in the sensation, allowed herself to be filled more and more until she actually had to lay back on the box.  Her stomach bulged upward, standing out on her otherwise-normal frame.  Her voice made little noises somewhere between excitement and pleasure.  She soon began to feel the pressure as her body was having difficulty keeping up; she glanced over at Ratboy, a look of panic on her face as she saw his hands mechanically working the pump as he stared fixated on her still-growing midsection.  Each pulse of air made her gasp, catching her voice in her throat; the pumping didn't increase in pace, but as full as she was, each squeeze was having a magnified effect.  Her eyes were drawn back to her stomach, which was growing at an alarming rate.  She watched, as her belly grew firm, then tight as her skin stretched and became shiny.  It's surface quivered as she could almost see it move minutely with each "t-ssst!" of the pump.

Her t-shirt rolled upward slowly as her jeans forced their way down her hips.  Still she continued to inflate, growing bigger and bigger.  Her eyes grew wide as she peered down at the swelling.  It became harder and harder to move; she groaned quietly under duress from all the pressure.  Her mind blanked in a moment of detachment as she imagined herself slowly becoming a blimp; the repeated pumping sound snapped her back to reality as she realized that was exactly what was happening to her.

"Too...much...," she thought.  Belly-Demon felt a gasp catch in her throat.  She tried to move her arms, but she was too swollen to close them around her enormous gut.  Her skin stretched taut, shiny as the surface trembled like a snare drum, thrumming with pressure, she knew she had no room left...nothing she could do...

The only escape she knew was to go a little bit further...over the edge into the abyss.  She bit her lip as she felt the intensity...the tightness.  Pulling her gaze away from the hypnotic sphere of her belly, her eyes pleaded with Ratboy, his fingers gently holding the pump, ready for one last squeeze.

His deep blue eyes looked into hers, seeing the desperation.  Her watery eyes implored.  Her lips parted in a whisper, like a child.  "Please," she cried softly, almost begging, "please, just a little more..."  She watched his fingers close on the pump, slowly squeezing.  The bulb began to collapse...her head rolled back slowly as the pressure built to an exquisite new level, her eyes glazed as she felt herself tumble over the edge, the last of the air emptying into her already-tortured belly.  Barely a heartbeat passed after she felt the one last gentle breath fill her already overburdened belly...a small gasp escaped her lips...

something written briefly for Belly Demon over in Pop In
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derp396 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Beautifully written this story is wonderful
Dragant87 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
DeathEcstasy Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This was the first inflation story I ever read. And it remains one of my favorites. So incredibly sexy.
Canard-Pars Featured By Owner May 30, 2009
nice.i liked it.
Tabbycat89 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2008
I've been reading this story for at least a year now and I think it's my favorite. It was the first story I ever read related to inflation and I still feel the same feelings I did on the first read. The timing is perfect IMO.
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
Belly Demon looks alot like Morrigan and Lilith from darkstalkers, could you do a pic of them inflating belly demon or belly demon inflating them? that would be hot!
InvizKing Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2006   Writer
Quite kinky indeed! This was also very well written, the descriptions became vivid in the mind's eye - especially the ending.
KnownAsTyler Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2006   Filmographer
Very erotic <3 Thanks for sharing.
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